Posted on: May 17, 2010 11:38 am

The sad state of the NBA... and sports overall.

Wow what a dream you land LBJ, one of the greats as he is being hareld. Yet wait... he can't win the championship in his SEVENTH season with the Cleveland Cavs. What is the reason for that? Is it the supporting cast? Is it the coaching? Or is it the fact that guess what folks... no matter how amazing an athlete may be, one person can not beat five. Honestly sports are teams of players coming together with similar skill sets and playing better than another team.

You don't see Kobe going out on the floor and jumping for the opening tip then passing to himself in the post... then back out to himself on the wing for the three. NO!!!!! you don't. Now yes I do believe that one person can make four or more other people better just by being around him like a catalyst. But to pay one person a rediculous amount of money because they are quote "The best player in this sport or that" makes no real sense to me. I suppose it could be looked at in a business model, you pay your CEO and management more then you pay the supporting cast, but boy that doesn't seem to be a smart way to run an economy (The real Bank CEOs please stand up and take your beating).

Now is the supply and demand in sports really getting to the point where a sporting game of a tier one sport needs to require the average person taking out a loan to go to it live or even to pay for the TV channels on a special package that costs a rediculous amount to see. I get that there is a lot to running a venue and even running a sports team, but come on really... think about it... if you price something out of the common price someone can and is willing to pay they won't. Why do you think attendence is down sporting world wide? It can not be "oh the economy is just down right now". It is because the over rich is trying to stay over rich or even try to squeeze every last drop out of the consumer.

Make it affordable and they will come... *enter bright light omen, or light bulb over head* want attendence to rise, lower the prices. And stop selling concessions at a price that you know is outragous and stop blaming it on inflation. Prices never rise that fast in an economy. Avg rise of no more than 3% should not warrent a $7 hotdog or a similarly priced soda ( especially since soda or pop depending on where you are in the country does not cost but cents a 20 oz. ).

Well I suppose this ends my rant this week on the world of sports... Stay tuned for my feelings on The LeBron James trade story and also why the best teams in history have always required on the whole and not the one guy that emerged "Superstar" from the team.

Posted on: October 26, 2008 1:17 pm

What ever happened to hitting a guy?

I have been shocked recently at the lack of big hits in college and pro football. It seems that the rules have gotten a bit to tight on giving a person a good jaw breaking tackle. Especially in college ball, the quarterback is like a little porciline doll that has to be protected or it may shatter. If someone is running out of bounds and a defender is diving to stop him do not throw that little yellow flag because he continued the play. Now if the player has been out of bounds for clearly a good length of time and a linebacker comes flying in and knocks him down again then through your little safety blanket.

I am sure it is to cut down on players having their career ended by a big hit, but isn't that part of the job. Really, there needs to be less ticky tacky penalties and more big hits. I hate seeing what could be a big hit and the defender backs off because he knows he is going to get flaged for something after it.

That is all for know going to go watch some mediocre NFL football now.

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